7 Dos and Don’ts of Getting a Bridal Spray Tan

Your big day is coming up and you want to look absolutely radiant. After all - this is a once-in-a-lifetime moment that you want to remember forever! You have your dress, hair, and makeup on point, but what about that full body glow?

If you’re considering getting a spray tan, but are worried about looking “orange” or whether or not your tan will rub off on your dress, read on!

You may have seen similar lists from wedding vendors or online magazines, but let’s jump into the 7 dos and don’ts of getting a bridal spray tan from an actual spray tan pro. (Hey - that’s me!)

1.DO: Follow the spray tan prep instructions to a T.

When you book your service, you’ll receive a detailed list of instructions on how to prep your skin so you tan look flawless. FOLLOW THEM, girl! You do not want to risk any uneven discoloration or mishaps for your big day, and the way you prepare your skin matters just as much as the actual application of the spray tan.

2. DON’T: Get a manicure, pedicure or wax service AFTER your tan.

These services can be exfoliating to the skin - in other words, you’ll watch (maybe cry) your spray tan disappear before your eyes! That’s why it’s important to do your nail services, waxing, shaving, and all other exfoliating services 24-48 hours before your tan.

3. DO: Book at least one trial 4-6 weeks before your bridal tan.

Whether you’re a spray tan newbie or a tan-addict, you want to make sure you get your color just right for your big day. At Vacay Beauty, our custom tan service allows us to play with numerous shade ranges for each skin tone and type. That means you get to choose from more than just “light / medium / dark” tans. With all these options, it’s so important to do a trial before you select the depth of tan you want for your wedding.

4. DON’T: Go ultra dark for your wedding.

During your trial, I will work with you to ensure we create the most beautiful natural-looking glow. After all, you want to still look like YOU in your wedding photos, right? Even if you generally go darker for your tans, you’ll want your wedding glow to be just that - a healthy glow that gives you a nice contrast from your wedding dress but doesn’t leave your husband-to-be confused about what happened to his bride!

5. DO: Follow the post-care instructions carefully.

You just spent all this hard earned cash on getting a spray tan, so let’s make it last! After each appointment, you’ll receive a care card that tells you exactly what to do right after your service, as well as how to maintain your tan. In sum - be gentle with your skin, moisturize like crazy, and avoid harsh exfoliants like hot water, pools, oceans, and abrasive fabrics.

6. DON’T: Forget to exfoliate and powder your underarms.

When you get a Vacay Beauty spray tan, I’m very careful not to spray directly on your underarms. You want a little bit of color there, but naturally, our underarms are always lighter than other parts of our body. When we sweat in our underarm area, we may find that the tan seems to transfer to lighter clothes. However, it’s not the solution or the tan that has transferred.

In fact, our sweat is a natural exfoliator - so what you may see is your dead skin cells that have been stained by DHA (the main ingredient in sunless products). Eww! To avoid this and keep your wedding dress underarm area looking bright white, lightly exfoliate the underarm area before your big day. Additionally, you can ask for some finishing powder to dust in there to keep your skin supple and dry.

7. DO: Extend the life of your tan with professional products.

Going on your honeymoon after the wedding, or want to keep your tan looking fab for as long as possible? Be sure to use a professional tan extending product or gradual tanning lotion as your tan starts to naturally fade. Vacay Beauty spray tans last 7-10 days, but you can keep the depth of color and push the longevity to 14+ days with our Perfect Glow tanning extender lotion, available for purchase in the studio or during your mobile appointment.

You do NOT want to use drugstore products or even beauty store products after a spray tan as the quality of DHA is typically very low and they can cause you to turn orange and have a very uneven tan.

And one final DO - remember to book a spray tan with Vacay Beauty for your bachelorette, bridal shower, or just for fun! The more you spray tan, the better adjusted your skin will be to DHA and the better you’ll look for your wedding bronze!

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