Vacay Beauty Referral Program

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If there’s one thing we absolutely believe in, it’s babes supporting babes. There’s nothing like women empowering and lifting up other women, especially when it comes to small, local businesses.

That’s why we created a unique referral program - because the future IS female, and we’re part of the revolution.


This program is perfect for you if you are:

  • A Philadelphia influencer who has got to look great for photoshoots (and daily life, duh!)

  • A boutique owner who wants to show off your fashion-forward pieces on beautiful bronzed skin

  • A salon owner who wants to grow your local business

  • A makeup artist, lash specialist or beauty provider who wants to increase your reach and grow your tribe

  • A photographer who works with brides and influencers and wants to ensure your clients look absolutely amazing in their photos

Here’s how the program works:

  • We will happily provide our beautiful tanning services to you, free of charge, in the location of your choosing (your home, office, salon, boutique, etc.).

  • In exchange for FREE tans of your choice (see our services here), we ask the following if you are happy with our service:

    • For influencers:

      • Complete our photo release waiver and enable us to share an approved photo of you wearing our tan on our social media sites (Instagram, Facebook, our website)

      • Tag us (@vacay_beauty) in a photo either added to your Instagram feed or your Instagram story

      • You’ll receive a code to give your referrals 15% off

    • For business owners:

      • Keep our business cards or flyers on hand in your shop, and we’ll refer our clients to your boutique, salon, or service

      • You’ll receive a code to give your referrals 15% off

Additional perks:

  • Got a photoshoot or girls night planned with fellow influencers? Great! We’ll airbrush tan the whole girl gang under the Referral Program guidelines.

  • Don’t want an airbrush tan for yourself but interested in referring clients, anyway? No problem! We will happily develop terms that meet both parties’ needs so we can mutually grow and benefit.

Sasha Farneti.png

The best part? You will continue to receive free or discounted tans through our successful partnership. So whether you have a couple of photoshoots coming up, or are planning to release a new seasonal line, once you sign up as a referral partner, Vacay Beauty is your go-to resource for all things body love + body bronzing.

For more information, or to sign up as a referral partner, email with the subject “Referral Program.”